Why investigate Archetypes?

I can tell you from my own experience that if you investigate archetypes you can see exactly, precisely, clearly where to invest your life energy. You might not be ready, you might not like it, that's your choice. You can act on what you learn or not. We can ignore, hesitate or accept and agree. 

We proceed when we're ready. 

If you work with your archetypes you will not be stuck in some day job that drains you. You will not stay with a partner not right for you. You will not get lost in some addiction and there are many addictions. The archetype steers you away from that. 

We are here to live well. Our archetypes reflect who we are. Shouldn't we know more about them then? Perhaps you'd like to become an Archetype Investigator - like me.

It's a tool that works.

It's better than investing. 

You have your assets already. 


A skill anyone can learn.

Archetypes have transformational potential. If you can work with archetypes, learn to recognize them, you will gain new insights about psyche and the nature of reality, change your perceptions and gain clarity.

Spiritual ideological advancement, focus, knowledge, self empowerment can be accessed. Archetypes empower creativity and inspiration by traveling into the deep layers of the psyche.

Like intuition, working with archetypes is a skill.

For me working with archetypes is a means, an inspiring ritual for creative use.

Archetypes allow a profound experience, sharpen perception, widen our perspective. Archetypes can transcend opposites. Like Shamans, we can embark on a visionary journey into the underworld, experiencing death and rebirth, bring back a transformational gift.

There are many modern variations of that journey and the goal is to eventually become fluent in archetypes and symbols. If we learn to expand consciousness and reconnect to our bodies we move easy, almost bounce around between the ever-changing archetypes running through us, rather than getting dragged clumsily by circumstances seemingly beyond our control. We can develop our own management system - like the old Greeks who knew that every God needs to be served or like good actors who are able to bring forth every energy and the right intensity as well.

In every culture there is a map so one can learn one’s way around in the archetypal dimension. Sometimes this energetic work has to do with exploring the opposite, what actors call – playing the opposite. There is always an opposite, the shadow. Or the light, if you move in the shadow. If we are unaware of the opposite it erupts at some point. I think we all know examples.

What is the benefit of learning to work with archetypes? We learn to know ourselves and others better. Once you learn to work that way – there are less automatic reactions.

You learn to step in before you get triggered. 


The Block Island map will do for now

Who needs Archies? Are you a time crunched, modern mystic?

We need to create true community. Technology has allowed us to retreat into our private world and exclude the rest. Now we pay the prize.

We need meaningful rituals. Binge watching Netflix with your roomie does not count.

So where to start? Let's look at what the man who wrote 'The Masks of God' has to say.

Joseph Campbell famously said: for a deity to be useful the deity has to be transparent for the transcendent.  Wow! I want to go in a cave and meditate on that one for the next ten years. Hopefully you all will be around when I then come out.

It means, I believe, that if we are able to relate to this container in a direct, truthful way, we possibly can transcend our confining ideas about. time, f.e. and that would make it possible to connect with something infinite and absolute.

That’ ain't happening for many people I know.  Scientifically trained minds often don’t surrender to the unknown, the formless, they can’t stand that. Our medical system and technical systems rely on scientific methods and whatever doesn’t fit gets excluded. This leads to a distortion and we see the consequences in our environment, in our political system etc. Yes, I will write a lot more about that shortly.

If we insist on our need to grasp and understand something we cannot grasp and understand that leads to disagreement with those who worship somethin' else than we do.

People die for what they idolize. This results in endless violence -– we see it on what's shown between the commercials every day.

Nobody likes to be vulnerable, nobody likes to be perceived as weak. The ones in power always argue that the other guys do it too and started it first. They don’t allow the unknown.  It’s scary to surrender to something bigger, the formless, the transparent, and yet if we could truly do that we might get to respect all of creation not just ourselves. We might unite. 

Insight does not come easy. Monks do that, they fast, they prey, they submit themselves entirely.

There are other ways to connect for the modern, time crunched mystic: Archetypes.

What do you see?

What do you see?


What are new symbols?

Symbols make complex content easier to communicate. Many are deeply rooted in the collective psyche as a result of cultural conditioning; additionally, we are constantly creating new symbols. They are a means of communicating directly, speaking to us on a level beyond conscious awareness. This form of communication has a massive impact on group dynamics, f.e. when nations go to war they rely on symbols to hold the community together; religious groups, corporations, communities and organizations; all are held together by symbols.

Symbols are activated through identification. The stronger the identification, the stronger the reaction to the symbol’s content will be. For instance, a patriotic person will identify strongly with the abstract content symbolized by his/her country’s flag; if someone else burns that flag, the patriot will feel as if he himself is under attack. The capacity of symbols to provoke such strong, emotional reactions in people makes them a natural instrument of mass persuasion.

This brings to mind the Jungian concept of amplification: the search for resonances and meanings.

Symbols: you might need an aspirin

Warning! Studying symbols might make your head spin.