I descended into the truly unknown Territory Delirium. Disturbing visions haunted me in this barren, hostile landscape, seduced me to sink into a bottomless ground where reality and truth turned into liquid concepts.

Temptations to give up consumed me, as if I had stepped inside my brain and opened the back door to the infinite, moving along a kaleidoscope of challenging riddles. I had to search my way through and redefine what it meant to be human.

Lee & D

"At the beginning there was a dream.

Lee met D.

It was their dream.

Dreams fade into the light of the day.

And their dream split into two.

Her dream. And his.


Dee ree lee

Dee ree la


-- Excerpt from UTerritory

Secrets of the Amulet

"Most modern amulets are fake, it says, intended to scam gullible people out of their money. There are, however, some amulets and they are charged instruments, so I read. Some believe they can contain residuum of formless energy. In ancient times amulets were seen as magical mirrors. Some occult practitioners still practice the art of seeing into other realms, using a pool of dark liquid or blood as a mirror of darkness. Some amulets are made of onyx and some of black obsidian, it says. Is the coin an amulet? Is it made out of lava rock?

Some amulets work in conjunction with another object. Okay! Some are activated by a word. It says gazing into an amulet unwaveringly for a long time will open a pit or a tunnel. Matter exists in the Holographic Universe, space is not empty, it talks about the hidden medium, some call it the dark energy, the relativistic ether. What is that? It says here that the perception reaches the tunnel as the will directs it to other regions of space-time. Great. I know as much as before.

Supposedly some amulet have great power, and some have names and can have strength independent of its user. It even talks about a tunnel of death and how you can travel up and down as you wish, and there are warnings of the dangers when the living travel too far into the tunnel. Coming back is not always possible, it says."

-- Chapter 3: Lucid, ACT I, UTerritory

Caught Between the Veil

Hi, my name is Mandy. I thought I was the only one who got stuck inside the UTerritory, but then I found Lee's story in the Hall of Records. She left a message; it's as if it was meant for me.



Where do I stand?

Between two worlds.

How do I land,

On the right side?


Where do I go,

When I'm lost?

With all I know,

It should be easy.


I am torn in two,

Very different worlds.

I am caught in a hue,

Of unbelievable magic.


But that will fade,

And I'll not find my way.

I'll get stuck in the shade,

Waiting for the sun.


Lust, beauty, vanity,

Are on the other side,

Of keeping my sanity.

Just step out the door.


Take a breath, a chance,

At living a life in the light.

You don't need a stance,

To be standing in sight.

"There are many here in the Labyrinth"

"'You're not dead,' Kwok laughs, 'you have to learn a bitter lesson. The psychic death is the deepest. It's up to you. You can live on as a ghost. The question is: Does that work for you? If you choose the ghost existence, you will be in good company. There are many here in the Labyrinth.'"


Painting by Ivan Filipchyk

Painting by Ivan Filipchyk

"My body is crushed, but my spirit burns with a raging fire. I feel a surge of energy, a beam of force fills me and the unspeakable violence melts away from my body and memory, it was nothing but an outburst of impotence, inflicting momentarily, but not lasting damage. These raging dimwits will never be able to touch what really matters."


Mother's Musings

Lake view.JPG

Mother is with me when I need her, she feels what I feel. I know she is there for me. She helps me let go of what is not good for me, reminds me that I can't take anything with me. She helps me accept what I need to accept and get rid of what must go.

I listen. Most of the time I do what she says. I like to be stubborn. I like to argue even though I know she is right.

She raised me to be friendly and still stand my ground. She taught me that it doesn't take away from my value to show respect to others. It's easy to forget what she said but she has a way of reminding me.

When I feel put down, when I think I have to be like the "miniature people", when I feel there will never be justice or a solution, I think of her and I find the lightness, and whatever makes me angry and heavy transforms. The rock on my shoulder turns into a pebble, rolls around on the beach, turns into a tiny pebble, finally turns into sand, the sand washes away, goodbye.

It doesn't always work of course. When a certain someone had their foot on my shoulder, that's when it didn't work. Some like to intimidate with their bodies, their weapons, their threats, their lies. I'll tell you about that later.

Hi Again

Hi again, my name is Lee and I got things to tell you might want to know. It's not important who I am, this is about you. I'll tell you who I am later.

I'll take you to the UTerritory. There is a secret, the UNSPEAKABLE. It started with my Mother.

Mother's Grave

My mother died when I was eight years old. What do you think of first when you think of your mother? Hopefully you still have yours. I wish I did. I feel mothers are endangered, there is not enough of them to go around. When I think of Mother I think of a story she used to tell me.

"Mother is everywhere, hidden in plain sight. She wears many different kinds of clothes and she has no age. You can find her in all the places where healing is needed, where hurt children of all sizes need attention, she is where a broken heart needs encouragement, broken bones need patience.

"You don't have to go anywhere special, she comes to you. She has a secret hotline connection to you. She comes to her children. She is there when joy rises, when you feel a spark of mystery. You will know her because she never lets you down. She never leaves any of her children behind, she showers her children with hope an inspiration. All they need to do is ask.

Look into the abyss.JPG

"The miniature people keep tying her down, coming up with ever more sophisticated techniques. She is so much greater than the tiny races, the ones with the small hearts and brains. When she feels your love, she rises, all the rope-shackles the miniature folks have so cleverly applied fly all over the place, the pins their engineers have so firmly lashed, fly about and land on those who thought they captured her."

I still like that story. I like to think of the big mother and how she sits up, bursting all the ropes and sending the pins flying toward those who thought they could pin her down. Mother is my doorway to what really matters.

First Contact

Lee in the woods.JPG

I am Lee. I am back but I can't stay.

We defeated them this time but they are coming back. The P. They sneak in when you least expect it. They don't care if we all die.

I'll fill you in best I can. Might have to run soon. I didn't believe at first the H.E.A. is real. Don't take my word of it, investigate! That's what I did.